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Product & Price specifications

  • Organic Argon Oil for either cosmetic or culinary use
  • 100% pure
  • Ecocert Certified
  • Supply ability : 15 Tons per month

  • 1 litre HDPE bottles, hermetically sealed
  • 20 litre – 50 litre – 100 litre HDPE containers, hermetically sealed.
  • Minimum Order : 100 litres 
  • 250 ml - culinary Argan oil
  • 100 ml - cosmetic Argan oil
  • Minimum Order : 216 units

Our prices for both culinary and cosmetic Argan oil are subject to change according to market fluctuations.
(F.O.B Morocco -  excl. charges and transport costs)

Please use the contact form to ask for a price quotation.

Delivery time
  • Allow one to two weeks, depending on volume ordered

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