100% Pure Oil

The extraction of this precious oil is the work of the local Berber women. A very laborious process almost entirely done by hand following the traditional method their ancestors have been using for centuries. It takes almost 10 hours to produce just one liter of argan oil. Not surprisingly is it often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’ for its numerous medicinal, cosmetic and nutritional properties... more info


Our Argan Oils for culinary and cosmetic use, are all guaranteed 100% pure and natural. No additives no preservatives added. Our products are Ecocert Certified. We commit to providing proof that the product has been inspected and approved by the health authorities of the country concerned... more info


An unrefined olive oil that exhibits nice fruity flavors, has no taste “defects” and meets certain benchmarks in its chemical composition can be called “extra virgin.” In extra virgin olive oils, the tastes of the fruit is intact, and its quality reflects the great care along the entire production process. Extra virgin olive oils have higher amounts of nutrients and therefore provide greater health benefits... more info